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For the shark line, I believe many people know very well, and how to exercise the shark line has a lot of exercise actions. In the exercise actions, some actions are very good and some actions are general. Some people still know what the action of practicing the shark line is. So, what are the most effective actions for practicing shark line? Let’s take a look at the actions!

abdominal curl

abdominal curl

Sit ups are a very effective way to exercise abdominal muscles. I believe you can’t be more familiar with this action. However, it should be noted that although the sit ups are simple, they can only see obvious effects after long-term accumulation and persistence. Generally, doing sit ups requires our sense of coordination and speed. It may not be fast at the beginning. Exercise slowly. It’s best to do 50 in a minute, so as to have the effect of exercising shark line.

Left and right cross touch ankle

This action requires us to lie flat on the ground first, and then let our legs bow at 45 degrees. Then we bend our upper body. When doing this, we need to ensure that our back is always off the ground, and then start to cross touch our ankles left and right. First use the left hand to touch the left ankle, and then exchange the right hand to touch the right ankle. In this way, the waist can obviously feel the feeling of force, which means that we are already exercising our waist. Because the shark line is on both sides of our abdomen, this action can exercise the shark line very well.

Curling abdomen

Abdominal curling is also a very effective way for us to exercise our abdominal muscles. The preparation action of this action is similar to the left and right cross ankle touch. At the beginning, we are in the state of lying flat on the ground with our legs arched, and then we start to roll our abdomen. This action should also ensure that our back is always off the ground. When doing this action, we should stretch out our hands, let our hands touch our knees, hold on for 3 seconds, lean back and start the action again. A group of 30 movements, three groups a day.

Roll your belly sideways

Lie on your side on the mat, the upper leg is bent, and the included angle between your thigh and lower leg is about 60 degrees. The lower leg is flat on the ground, the upper body is inclined, the shoulder on the same side stepping on the foot is off the ground, the other side is close to the ground, the upper arm is placed on the shoulder on the other side, and the lower arm is stretched straight and naturally placed on the mat. 15 times on each side.