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  1. Find your maximum weight

  Identifying your maximum weight is a very important part of the process. This number can understand your current level, can be your benchmark for progress, can be your goal.

  a. Simple calculation: Basically, the weight you can complete 3~4 reps is 90% of 1RM. For example, you can complete 60 kg squat 3 times, then your maximum weight is 60 ÷ 0.9 = 67 kg.

  b. Practical test: actually do it! Directly find out what you can complete the movement of the standard maximum weight it!

  (Can be arranged for a week as a test week, only one item per day, after the test rest day in doing the next group of tests. Test pay attention to safety!)

  2. Set goals

  Beginners from 0 to increase, usually faster and easier to see results. On average, after 12 to 16 weeks of training, your maximum load weight can be improved by 5 to 10%. However, every little improvement in weight progress is a lot of hard work. Therefore, beginners, you can set the goal at 5% progress.

  You can also use 1RM to set up a training program. Choose 90% of the maximum weight, use 90% of the 1RM as the maximum weight for training, make a menu arrangement, and do not exceed this weight for training. Than using the 1RM weight to arrange training, more can ensure your training quality, movement correctness, and will not let you overload.

  3. learn the correct movements

  This training is not aimed at building muscle, although this may be contrary to our training goals, but for beginners, this is a very important point. No matter what kind of movement training, first learn the correct movement pattern, the correct muscle group use, through the light weight to let the body familiar with, for the future of the big weight breakthrough, will have the best help. The breakthrough of big weight is the goal of many people, but definitely not the goal of beginners at the beginning.

  4. set training plan

  The simpler the training menu you choose at the beginning, the better. Set 5 to 8 under the action, training the maximum weight of 70 to 85% of the weight for 5 sets, or 75 to 90% of the weight for 3 sets. At first, you can do some reservation, do not have to do exhaustion. After all, you are here to train and not to hurt your muscles.

  5. choose your training movements

  Multi-joint training is what you should choose.

  1. squat and its variations: barbell front squat, box squat, kettlebell squat, etc. 2.

  2. hard pull and its variations: rack hard pull, sumo hard pull, Romanian hard pull

  3. bench press and its variations: incline bench press, dumbbell bench press, etc.

  4. barbell overhead press and its variations: seated barbell overhead press, dumbbell overhead press, kettlebell overhead press, etc.

  Pick the above four basic movements, perform 3~5 sets, and choose a variation in each line as a supplementary training.

  6. muscle hypertrophy is not the primary goal

  The goal of muscle hypertrophy is not suitable for beginners, because it means stronger training and higher training frequency, and less rest time. For beginners who are just trying to build up their body’s initial strength, the two are different training styles and can easily cause frustration at first.

  So is there such a thing as the best training program? There isn’t! Different people’s training schedules will change depending on several factors: will you train your upper body, lower body or whole body today? What is the intensity of your workout? What is your maximum weight? And so on ….

  So first establish the basic body strength, and then adjust the goal as you progress, rather than start with the goal of muscle hypertrophy.

  7. Make sure that all the above points are carried out

  Put the above mentioned points of attention to help yourself when you are new to fitness. Set goals, plan a training menu that suits you, and then adjust the intensity gradually. Although the weight at the beginning is not as heavy as others, and the muscle line is not obvious, but the foundation can be steadily stepped in the beginning, it will have unexpected help for the training later!