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The best protein shaker bottle I have used so far! I am a fitness enthusiast (former bodybuilder) and this best protein shaker bottle does this job perfectly!
This is one of the best vibrating screens I have used. My favorite is how the protein shaker bottle thoroughly mixes the powder with whatever you use (water or milk). No powder clumps were left on the side of the shaker. The charging time is also very long. Value for money!

Like the protein shaker bottle, mixing my protein powder with other liquids and powders is like a charm. This is not a blade that can replace a blender. This is a blender. I like the use of the protein shaker bottle.
I like this portable mixer! I take the protein shaker bottle to work every day. Since mid-May 2020, I have been undergoing a liquid diet under medical supervision, which can save time/life. In fact, I bought one elsewhere last year, and then just bought the second one from Amazon, so I can always prepare a clean one. Perfect for mixing protein shake powders with your supplements. The protein shaker bottle is worth every penny.