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Sports nutrition means that the human body takes in various nutrients from the outside according to the characteristics of different sports events to meet the demand for various nutrients due to exercise. Sports nutrition supplements have been popular abroad for nearly half a century. For westerners who love fitness, it is as popular as our health care products and nutrient solutions. For the fitness and bodybuilders in our country, these unremarkable bottles and jars placed in front of the gym bar are entering our lives at a very rapid pace.
Exercise Physiology: The first thing to do is to pay attention to nutrition. Before and after exercise, make a diet plan according to different ages and physiques.

  1. The morning is the best time of the day to exercise. Need supplementary nutrition after exercise. Recommendation: Don’t choose some too greasy food, such as meat and the like, pay attention to nutrition and health. Recommended food: Milk should be boiled after adding water, and the concentration should not be too high. High-sugar (depending on your body) high-calorie, such as: butter bread, do not rush to eat after exercise, wait for your heartbeat to return to calm.
  2. Jogging is conducive to weight loss. After running, do not sit and pull the ligaments. In this way, fat is not easy to accumulate in a certain part. Just after running, you have to walk around. Drinking water after a period of time is the best way to replenish water and improve your body’s functions.