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Sports nutrition is a good companion for exercise and fitness. It can supplement the calories consumed during exercise, repair damaged muscle tissue, promote metabolism, restore fatigue, and balance nutrition, thereby improving physical fitness and enhancing the effect of exercise.
According to the ingredients and performance, sports nutrition can be divided into five categories: protein and amino acids, creatine, fat-reducing, maintaining internal environment balance and carbohydrates, as well as weight gain powders that integrate the above-mentioned nutritional ingredients.
Different exercise intensity and different sports items need to be supplemented with different types and amounts of sports nutrition. Bodybuilders are the biggest and most stringent demanders of sports nutrition. Before the 1980s, the biggest regret of professional bodybuilders was that they did not know this thing and could only replenish energy with multiple meals a day. At that time, professional sports nutrition was already commonplace for European and American bodybuilders. It is also an important reason for the huge gap between my country’s bodybuilding and foreign countries
Today’s professional bodybuilding enthusiasts are happy. There are a wide range of Linli brands to choose from in stores and gyms, and the price of a few hundred yuan a can is no longer unattainable.

For bodybuilders, the five red categories are indispensable. To grow muscles and control weight, you must lose fat. Fat-burning bombs can save a lot of effort. High-intensity and high-volume exercise can cause great damage to muscles. To repair it, you must supplement a large amount of protein and amino acids, so that muscle fibers can recover and grow. Exceeding the limit of exercise can increase muscle volume, and muscle volume is basically proportional to strength. To increase muscle strength, creatine can have a multiplier effect, and it can also increase muscle power, endurance, and girth.
High-intensity training can also cause a large loss of water, trace elements and inorganic salts in the body. It becomes very important to supplement those nutrients that are designed to maintain the balance of the internal environment. Such nutritional products include compound electrolyte energy granules, zinc-magnesium mixtures, joint treasures and so on. Recently, it has been discovered that glutamine is very effective in restoring fatigue, replenishing energy, repairing muscle fibers and improving immune function. It is favored by high-intensity trainers. Carbohydrates are the cheapest but also the most basic of the five sports nutrition products. It can neither grow mass nor strength, but it is the fuel that keeps the body running. Lack of carbohydrates will lead to general weakness, fatigue, lower blood sugar levels, dizziness, palpitations, and brain dysfunction. In severe cases, it can cause hypoglycemia and coma. Compared with ordinary food, the carbohydrate nutritional powder and nutritional supplements produced by sports nutrition manufacturers are more pure and easier to absorb.