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People who are thinner have to change their body. It is not correct to eat high-calorie foods. Excessive fats can also affect your health. The correct way to gain muscle should be a reasonable combination of diet and nutrition and equipment training.

  Muscle training is mainly based on strength training. After enough strength training, supplemented with the corresponding nutrients, your muscle fibers will repair and grow faster.
   We can exercise different muscle groups. Separating the pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles, back muscles, leg muscles, biceps and triceps can be more targeted and the goals are more clear.

  In terms of diet
   During the period of muscle gain, protein is needed. Protein intake can be obtained from meat, milk, eggs and soy products. This is also the advancement of better muscle growth. Protein supplementation also promotes body metabolism.
   The frequency of eating must be regular. Increase the corresponding protein appropriately, and your muscles will become stronger. People who do fitness must understand that enough protein intake will ensure muscle growth.
  Vitamins and minerals also have a great influence on the effect of muscle gain. Proper supplementation of corresponding nutrients will make your muscle gain better.

   training action selection
In the selection of muscle gain items, we should combine aerobic and muscle gain, and pay more attention to the exercise of large muscle groups, so that the efficiency of muscle gain will also be improved. In terms of weight selection, the greater the weight, your muscle gain effect will be To get better, exercises should also do the corresponding muscle rest so that the corresponding muscle groups can be better stimulated.
Basic muscle training also includes leg lifts, pull-ups, squats, etc. The exercise process can exercise the muscles. A reasonable diet and adequate rest are critical to achieving muscle gain goals. .