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I use an ordinary shaker bottle and think my protein shake is very good. After getting this, I don’t think I can go back to the ordinary best protein shaker bottle. This mixes better than ever before. I let the protein shaker bottle mix for about 10 seconds.

Good bottle. Charging can last at least a week. Better than shaking the bottle for a few minutes
This is the best blender ever. There is no dough. The protein shaker bottle mixes very small items such as protein, milk and blueberries, and provides the smoothest drink. The protein shaker bottle is cleaned beautifully with water and a little soap, press that button, wait 10 seconds, empty, dry, and finish
Love this cup! The protein shaker bottle is a bit expensive, but I have experienced too many cheap things because the motor keeps failing. It seems that the quality is much higher than others, so hope this is a good investment!