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There are training methods for how to train the psoas quadratus muscle. Among the training methods of psoas quadratus muscle, some methods are very effective and some methods are not very effective, but many people do not know what the training methods of psoas quadratus muscle are and what the training methods are. So, what are the three training methods of psoas quadratus muscle? Let’s take a look at some training methods.

Plate support

Barbell sitting rotation

If you want to exercise your waist muscles every day, you can do barbell sitting rotation exercises in this factory. This exercise can make your external oblique muscles tighter, but to master the scientific action essentials, you need to sit at one end of a stool, then put your feet flat on the ground, comfortably separate your hands, hold both ends of the vertical bar cross frame, keep your head as still as possible, approach in one direction, and turn around greatly, Keep your upper body and shoulders in this position for about ten minutes, and then turn your shoulders in the other direction as much as possible. After holding for about five minutes, this action can well contract the external oblique abdominal muscle and thicken your waist.

Plate support

We can also carry out plate support exercise every day. Plate support exercise can exercise the core muscles of waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. First of all, you need to keep your head, back and hips in a straight line, place your elbows directly below your shoulders, support the whole body with your toes, and then tighten your hips and abdomen. In this way, you can also achieve a good effect of exercising your waist strength and help yourself lose weight, It can well convert the excess fat on the waist into muscle.


Push up exercise can not only increase their biceps, but also achieve a good effect of exercising waist muscles. While doing push ups, try to keep your waist straight. Push up exercise should not exercise too much at one time, otherwise it may lead to the problem of sore arms. Only by progressing step by step can we achieve a better exercise effect. You can also put some weights on your back. In this way, push ups can greatly increase your waist strength.